Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay? You Will Be Surprised

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If you’re a guinea pig enthusiast, you may have heard of the term “gay guinea pigs” when researching your cute little critters. But what does this mean, and is it even possible for guinea pigs to be gay?

Let’s explore what we know about guinea pig sexuality and find out if there is a definitive answer to this question.


Can guinea pigs be gay?


Many animal experts have debated the question of whether or not guinea pigs can be gay.

While it is difficult to answer this question definitively, some signs suggest guinea pigs may prefer individuals of the same sex.

Generally, guinea pigs will huddle together and groom each other regardless of gender.

However, they tend to show more excitement in the presence of another guinea pig of the same sex.

Additionally, if offered two twin beds side by side, it is more likely that a pair of male guinea pigs will bed together than a pair of female guinea pigs.

Whether or not male and female pairs still exist falls under much speculation, but as an experienced owner, I’ve noticed that my male guinea pig prefers to sleep next to other males rather than females.


What We Know About Guinea Pig Sexuality


Because guinea pigs are social animals, they form strong relationships with one another—and sometimes, those relationships can become quite intimate.

That said, same-sex couples in the wild are uncommon, and there is no evidence that these animals are naturally inclined to form same-sex pairings.

Most studies suggest that these pairings only occur when there is an imbalance in the sex ratio of a given population or if one or both of the individuals involved cannot find a suitable mate.

In other words, these occurrences are usually more detailed than intentional.


So, Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay?


The short answer is yes—but it’s important to remember that this behavior isn’t necessarily indicative of sexual orientation as we understand it in humans.

Instead, its likely, any same-sex pairing between two guinea pigs is simply circumstantial and not necessarily indicative of actual sexual preference.

That said, some owners report that their male guinea pigs prefer the company of other males over females or vice versa for female pairs.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that these animals have a same-sex preference, it could indicate that something else—such as personality type—is driving their behavior.




It’s impossible to definitively say whether or not individual guinea pigs have sexual preferences like humans do; however, research has shown us that same-sex pairings between them are likely more detailed than intentional.

That said, some owners have reported that their pets seem to prefer the company of others of the same gender; however, this could be due to individual personalities rather than any specific sexual preference. Further research is needed before any definitive answers can be reached about this topic.

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