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Can Rats Eat Watermelon, Seeds, Rind, Leaves?

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Watermelon helps refresh humans and keeps us from getting dehydrated. But, has the thought of feeding it to your pet rat crossed your mind?

Can rats eat watermelon?

Let’s see if it is safe or not.

Can Rats Eat Watermelon?

Pet rats can safely eat watermelon. We recommend including it into their diet along with other foods and fruits as long as you feed moderately as treats.

Can Rats Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Seeds are typically not safe for rats, hamsters, or any other small animal too.

There are two reasons for this:

Some seeds can have chemicals that are dangerous to rats when fed in larger doses, such as the cyanide in apple seeds.

Secondly, seeds can quickly become a choking hazard because of their size. They can get stuck on their throat and are small enough to slip past their teeth straight down into their throats.

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Rats love to gobble foods down real fast, and do not care about chewing their food. Because of this act, seeds can quickly become stuck as a result of all types of problems. So, we recommend feeding only watermelon flesh.

Can Rats eat Watermelon

Can Rats Eat Watermelon Rind?

Yes, rats, mice, and mouse can safely consume watermelon rind with no issues at all. It is not toxic and is not harmful to watermelon.

The rind doesn’t have lots of goodness and does not taste really well. Your rats may still try to feed on it, if opportunity presents itself.

That your pet right might try to eat it does not mean you should allow them eat it. You don’t want them eating meals with almost no calories like that.

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Can Hamsters and Rats eat Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds are non-toxic to hamsters and rats but we do not recommend feeding them to your rats as it can choke them.

Like the seeds, watermelon rinds are non-harmful to hamsters, mice, mouse, and rats too.

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