Do Pet Rats Poop On You? The Surprising Answer

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  • November 1, 2022

If you’re considering getting a pet rat, you might wonder if they poop on you. The answer is no; pet rats do not intentionally poop on humans. However, a few things can cause your rat to have an accident and poop on you. Let’s take a look at what those things are and how you can avoid them.


Do pet rats poop on you?


Pet rats are often considered unclean animals because of their association with rodents. This is particularly true when it comes to their bathroom habits.

Rats have a reputation for relieving themselves anywhere and everywhere, including their owners.

However, this is not necessarily true for all rats. While some rats occasionally poop on their owners, it is not an expected behavior.

If your rat does relieve itself on you, it is likely because they are sick or stressed. Otherwise, they may simply be trying to mark their territory.

It is essential to consult with a veterinarian if your rat starts pooping on you regularly. They will be able to determine the cause of the behavior and help you find a solution.


There are three main reasons your pet rat might poop on you: excitement, fear, and illness.



If you’re thinking about getting a pet rat, you may be wondering if they’ll poop on you.

The answer is yes; sometimes, they will.

When rats get excited, they sometimes lose control of their bowels. This is especially true if they get excited while being held.

If you notice your rat starting to get too excited while being held, put them in a safe place so it can calm down.

They are, generally speaking. However, rats are clean animals and usually poop when they’re in their cage.

So, if you’re handling your rat carefully and keeping an eye on their level of excitement, the chances of them pooping on you are pretty low.




No, pet rats do not usually poop on their owners. Most rats are very clean animals and will go to great lengths to avoid soiling their living area.

However, there are a few circumstances in which a rat may poop on its owner. One such case is if the rat is scared.

Rats are susceptible to environmental changes and can quickly become frightened by loud noises or sudden movements.

A rat may lose control of its bowels and involuntarily poop if it feels scared. Another possibility is that the rat is marking its territory.

Male rats sometimes mark their territory by urinating on objects, and a rat may mistake its owner for an inanimate object.

Finally, some rats may enjoy the sensation of pooping on their owners. While this behavior may seem odd, it’s perfectly normal for rats.

So if you find that your pet rat has taken to pooping on you, don’t be too alarmed—it’s probably just their way of showing you some love.




No, pet rats typically do not poop on their owners. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

  • First, a rat may poop more than usual if it is ill. If you notice your rat pooping more than usual or if their poop looks different, take them to the vet to ensure they don’t have an infection or other health problem.


  • Second, baby rats may accidentally poop on their owner while being held. If this happens, clean it up and be more careful next time.


  • Finally, a rat may mark its territory by pooping on its owner if it feels threatened.

This is most likely to happen if the rat feels like there is another animal in the home that they are competing with for attention.

If you have another pet in the house, try to give your rat extra attention to reduce its stress levels and prevent them from feeling the need to mark its territory.



In conclusion, pet rats do not intentionally poop on their humans. However, some things can cause an accident and do so. by being aware of these things and taking precautions; you can help prevent your rat from pooping on you.

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