How Long Can Rats survive without Food?

How Long Can Rats survive without Food?

Rats are hardy creatures and thrive well even in extreme conditions but can rats live without food? The answer is Yes! They actually can go longer without drinking water than they would without consuming meals.

How Long Can Rats survive without Food?

Yes! Rats can go without food source for a week or more depending on its survival genes. But, no rat would be able to last more than 2 weeks and some days without eating anything. These creatures can survive longer without drinking liquid (water) than they would go without eating food.

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How Long Can Rats survive without Food

Should I starve Pest Rats?

No! That would be animal cruelty. This animal is nearly as intelligent, and every bit sensitive, as a canine – an animal that dreams, laughs and imagines the future (don’t believe me, look it up yourself). If you allow it die of thirst you could and should be prosecuted and very heavily fined, just as you would be deliberately left a puppy to die of thirst.

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If a stray wild rat finds it’s way into your home, find a way to herd him or her outside, then check all around the edge of your home and block any holes so they can’t get back in.

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