Is Dove Soap Safe to Use on Guinea Pigs?

  • MickAdmin
  • March 17, 2023

When caring for your guinea pig, you want to ensure you use only the best products. One product that many guinea pig owners use is Dove soap. But is Dove soap safe for guinea pigs? Let’s take a look at the facts.


Can You Use Dove Soap on Guinea Pigs?


The simple answer is no.

While dove soap may be gentle enough for human skin, it can still be too harsh for your guinea pig’s delicate fur and skin.

Therefore, you are not recommended to use dove soap when bathing or cleaning your pet.

Instead, a few other products are specifically designed for cleaning and bathing small animals, like guinea pigs.

These products are usually formulated with milder and more gentle ingredients for guinea pigs than regular soaps, such as oatmeal and aloe vera extracts.

There are also shampoos with natural ingredients that help cleanse and nourish the fur while being gentle on your pet’s skin.


Our choice of Shampoo  from Amazon
Our choice of Shampoo from Amazon


Additionally, some veterinarians recommend using warm water only when bathing a guinea pig, which is gentler than shampoo or soap.

If you bathe your pet with water alone, ensure the water temperature is not too hot or cold; lukewarm water should do just fine.

Finally, be sure to dry your pet thoroughly after its bath using a soft towel or cloth – never use a hair dryer, as this can cause burns on their sensitive skin.



Even though dove soap may be gentle enough for humans, it’s not suitable for cleaning guinea pigs since their fur and skin are much more delicate than ours. It’s essential to take extra care when selecting products for your pets – always go with something specifically designed for them instead of relying on human products such as dove soap.

If in doubt, consult your vet before trying anything new on your beloved pet.

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