Is It True that All Calico Guinea Pigs are Female?

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  • March 6, 2023

Guinea pigs come in various colors, sizes, and coat types. In addition, calico guinea pigs have a unique fur pattern of three colors – black, white, and tan. But do you know the gender of these calico guinea pigs? Are they always female? Let’s find out.


Are calico guinea pigs always female?


Calico guinea pigs are unique and identifiable from other guinea pig varieties thanks to their distinctly tri-colored coats, often featuring combinations of white, black, and brown fur.

Many pet owners don’t realize that these rare little animals are almost always female – male calicos typically only happen in breeds where the X chromosome allows for spotting.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a rare calico guinea pig, it’s very likely that you will need to find a female.

However, it never hurts to double-check with your local pet store in case of an unexpected male.


The answer to this question can be a bit complicated.


While no official scientific rule states all calico guinea pigs must be female, they are far more likely to be female than male.

This is because the gene responsible for producing the distinctive calico coloring (the agouti gene) is on the X chromosome. As females have two X chromosomes, they are twice as likely to exhibit this color pattern as males with only one X chromosome.

Because of this genetic difference between males and females, it can be difficult for owners to determine their guinea pig’s gender by looking at its coat color.

To accurately assess your pet’s sex, you must take it to a veterinarian or experienced breeder who can examine its physical traits more closely.


Additional factors


Another factor worth considering when determining your pet’s gender is its behavior patterns.

Generally, male guinea pigs tend to be more territorial and aggressive, while females are more docile and friendly with other animals and humans.

If your calico guinea pig exhibits behaviors consistent with those stereotypically associated with females, then chances are it is indeed female.


What is a Calico Guinea Pig?


Calico Guinea Pigs are a unique breed of small and friendly cavies, bred to bring positivity and joy to their owners.

They are known for their unique combination of white, black, and orange spots, making each very special.

As the name suggests, these animals originate from the South American country of Guinea, where they were domesticated for centuries for use as pets, laboratory animals, and even some religious ceremonies.

Calico Guinea Pigs are exceptionally social creatures, enjoying being around people and animals.

This breed is ideal for first-time and experienced pet owners alike, as they adapt quickly to new environments and rarely require specialized care. Overall these animals make excellent companions.




In conclusion, while there is no scientific rule stating all calico guinea pigs must be female, it is much more likely for them to be female due to genetic differences between male and female animals.

To get an accurate assessment of your pet’s sex, you should visit a veterinarian or experienced breeder who can examine its physical traits more closely and make an informed determination about its gender based on its behavior patterns and physical characteristics like size and shape of genitals if visible.

With the help of experts, owners can quickly identify their pets’ genders without too much difficulty or stress.

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