Rex Rats: A Complete Overview In 2023

Rex Rats

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Rex Rats Types, Facts, Care, and Popularity

So, What is a Rex rat? Get an overview of the types, facts, care, and popularity of this type of rat. Rat Behavior: Observations and Research

What does a rat sound like? Find out what the different sounds mean that your pet rat makes, why it is making the sounds, and how you can prevent or stop annoying noises.

History of the Breeding of Rex Rats

The Rex rat is the result of accidental breeding. In 1935, a laboratory assistant in Stuttgart Germany was experimenting with crosses between the albino brown Norway rat and the black hooded-sweaty rat.

Having no knowledge of genetics, he was unaware that there was already a brown variety of Norwegian rats. The brown shade emerged as a result of exposure to sunlight through the window.

The supervisor of the lab tested only three of these new rats and sent them to a zoologist at Berlin’s Museum Alexander Koenig who coined the name “Rex” for this new color variant.

Popular Types of Rex Rats

There are several different types of Rex rats. The most common is the Teddy bear, which is a white rat with brown or black spots.

There’s also the Fancy, which has a distinctive color pattern and often comes in black and white. The Rex De Coronado is a variety of Teddy bear that only has white fur.

Albino, blue, black, cream, platinum, buff, silver, sable, Siamese, fawn, gray are some common Rex variants

The most popular types in the US are American or English blue, black-eyed white, brown-eyed white, and banded. These are the top 10 most popular Rex rat breeds in the United States.

Rex is a type of fur mutation, as well as a specific breed of the rat. Rats with Rex coats have short, curly fur that is thicker than usual, making them less likely to be picked up by predators. This type of fur is also very soft to the touch. Rex rats tend to be somewhat larger than other types of rats.

The Rex gene causes the hairs on the coat to grow in an “S” shape, instead of in the regular direction and growing around.

Signs of Illness in Rex Rats

Rex rats are a type of small, domestic rodent that is related to the brown rat. Some signs of illness in Rex rats may include unusual changes in eating habits and weight, as well as sudden changes in behaviors like lethargic gait or regurgitation.

General Care of a Rex Rat

Rex rats are known for their long, silky fur and sweet demeanor. They are often compared to the lap dogs of the rodent world. This can make care seem easy, but it is important to understand that caring for a pet rat is not like caring for a hamster or mouse.

Rex rats are larger and more complicated than other rodents, which means more time and energy needs to be put into their care. They need a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to a high-quality mix of feed pellets. Providing these foods will help keep your rat healthy and happy!

Where to Buy Rex Rats?

Rex Rats are often sold at pet stores but they can also be purchased online. They are a medium sized rodent and there are many different varieties, including hairless rats, hairless and long coated rats, and hooded rats.

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Rex Rat

Rex rats are more popular as pets than any other rat. They are unusual because they have curly hair and a feathered tail. However, Rex Rats do not make very good pets.

When they were bred for the pet trade in the 1930s, people wanted a domesticated rat with long fur and a large fluffy tail. Now that people have become aware of their drawbacks, fewer people are adopting them.

Advantages of a Rex Rat over other Rats

Rex Rats have a few advantages over other types of rats. First, they are usually less aggressive than other rats and thus more sociable. Some people also find them easier to handle because they can be in the same room with them without making any noise or bothering anyone. Rex Rats are also less likely to carry disease, which makes them safer to keep as pets than other types of rat.

Rex Rat Activity/Behavior

Rex rats are very active animals. During the day, they spend most of their time in their nest or burrow and come out at night to eat. Rex rats are mostly nocturnal creatures, sleeping during the day and roaming at night.

Their diet consists of meat, fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. They need a lot of water as well to survive on this diet since it is so dry.

Health Concerns for Rex Rats

Rex rats are a small type of rat. They have long hair and are popular for their fuzzy ears. These rats have the potential to have health problems due to genetic mutations that affect their size, fur, or ear shape. It is important to keep your rex rat healthy by providing them with a balanced diet and giving them regular exercise.

Is the Breed of Rex Rat Healthy?

The Rex rat is a breed of fancy rat that can be found in many pet stores. Unlike your average rat, the Rex rat is much larger and has hair instead of being bald.

Unfortunately, the rats can have some health issues including allergies and poor breathing. Despite these problems, they are still popular as pets due to their size and friendly temperament.

What Do Rex rats Eat?

Rex rats are omnivores, which means they will eat a variety of different things. They enjoy fruits, vegetables and some grains. In addition to these foods, they also like to eat insects and even other rodents. These animals don’t need a lot of food in their diet; they will happily eat what is put in their cage.

What Fruits Rex rats Eat?

It is very difficult to find out what specific fruits Rex Rats eat. The one thing you can be sure of is that they need a lot of fruit in their diet. Regardless of whether it’s an apple or a peach, the diet should include a mix of fruits for your pet rodent.

Tips on Buying a Rex Rat

If you are interested in getting a Rex rat, it is important to know what their needs are before buying them. They need lots of space for exploring, so you should have an enclosure that is at least 3x3x3 feet.

They also need a variety of toys and new things to explore, so try swapping things out periodically. When picking out the rats, pick ones with good health and clean fur, and make sure they are not too skinny or fat.

If you can’t find one with the perfect color pattern at the store, waiting until they get a little older will allow them to change colors.

The Average Lifespan of a Rex Rat

Rex rats can have an average lifespan of between 4-and 6 years. They are considered short-haired rats, because of their soft and silky fur. The Rex rat is widely used in laboratory testing due to its docile temperament.

When searching for a new pet, it is best to make sure that the family is ready for the responsibility of being a pet owner.

Care and Feeding Requirements for a Rex Rat

Rex rats are a hairless breed of rats. They require frequent grooming, especially during the winter months when they have an increased need to stay warm.

Rex rats should be fed a diet consisting of organic, whole foods with plenty of variety. They should also avoid things like raw corn on the cob and onions because these foods can upset their stomachs.

Best Breeders and Rat Stores in the US, Australia, UK

The two main rat breeders in the United States are The Rat Source and The Rat Fan Club. They carry a large variety of different rat breeds, including fancy rats, hairless rats, and so on.

Australia has a very similar selection to the US with Bellarats in Brisbane and Perthpetrats carrying all types of rats. In the UK, there are many pet shops that carry different varieties of fancy rats. Some of these include the London Exotics, Rats and Rabbits, and The Rat Shop.

One of the main differences between fancy rats and pet store rats is how they are bred. A pet store rat is more likely to come from a large commercial breeder who breeds for quantity over quality.

On the other hand, fancier rats are raised by smaller breeders who breed for a variety of different traits. This means that you are almost always going to get a better product when you buy from a


As a final note, I would like to say that Rex Rats are not only the cutest rodents in the world but they are also the safest pet choice. They may live on the ground, but they have a personality and intelligence that is second to none. Rex Rats will always be my favorite!

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