What Does it Mean When My Guinea Pig Keeps Opening His Mouth?

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  • March 2, 2023

If you’ve ever seen your guinea pig open his mouth wide and stay that way for an extended period, you may wonder what is happening. There are a few potential explanations for your guinea pig’s behavior, so let’s break down the possibilities and find out why your furry friend might be opening his mouth so often.


Why does my guinea pig keep opening his mouth?


Guinea pigs are well known for their vocalizations ranging from squeaks and chirps to rumbles and purrs.

However, some guinea pig owners may be concerned when their pet opens its mouth often.

This behavior should not be of concern as it is perfectly natural for guinea pigs and is most likely driven by a desire to communicate with its owner or other animal companions.

For instance, this open-mouthed display may indicate that the guinea pig has seen a potential food source and is asking for some treats or telling its owner that it would like to interact with them.

It could also mean the guinea pig feels threatened or needs comfort in unfamiliar situations, such as when visiting the vet or being introduced to strange people.

In either case, offering your pet love and attention will ensure it feels safe, secure, and content in its environment.


1. A Warning Sign


It is not uncommon to observe guinea pigs opening their mouths. However, this behavior is not a sign of contentment but a warning sign that something is wrong.

It can be caused by overgrown teeth, tooth abscesses, mouth injuries, or foreign objects caught in the mouth.

Guinea pigs rely on scent as much as sight and sound, so if your guinea pig keeps its mouth open, it may indicate an issue with its scent glands or problems caused by dental disease.

It would be best to take your guinea pig to the vet for further evaluation as soon as possible to ensure its well-being.


2. A Display of Contentment


Guinea pigs are known to be quite vocal, but occasionally they open their mouths as a display of contentment.

While this is not actively vocalizing, they often do it in moments of pleasure. For example, it may happen when petted or snuggled as a sign that they enjoy the attention.

There’s even been research that guinea pigs can indicate contentment with facial movements, such as opening their mouths slightly and vibrating their noses or nose blinking.

Therefore, if your guinea pig has its mouth slightly agape, it could signify joy and appreciation for the love you give them.


3. Exploring His Surroundings


When a guinea pig opens his mouth, this is likely his way of engaging with his new environment.

It’s similar to humans taking a deep breath when we enter an exciting place – guinea pigs use this same technique to get acclimated to new sights and smells.

As a result, the more often he engages in this behavior, the more comfortable he will be in his space.

Additionally, it is possible that he could just be cooling off or yawning. If his environmental temperature swings too drastically between hot and cold, he might subconsciously resort to this practice.

Understanding your pet is critical to helping him feel safe and secure in his living situation.




Several possible explanations exist for why your guinea pig might open his mouth so often. It could mean nothing and be part of exploring their environment or expressing contentment; however, if accompanied by other signs such as difficulty breathing, they could be uncomfortable or unwell and immediately require veterinary attention.

Knowing what behaviors typically accompany this action can help you better understand your pet’s needs.

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