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  • Can Insect Spray Kill Rats and Mice

    Can Insect Spray Kill Rats and Mice?

    If you have found a rat infestation, are rat bites causing an infection, or just want to know the best way to get rid of rats, then it’s important that you take action quickly. This article will provide you with all the information you need on what kind of insect spray is most effective against…

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  • Will Rats leave if no food

    Will Rats Leave If No Food? Does Rat Starvation Works?

    Rats are disgusting, but they’re also intelligent. Would rats leave if there was no food? No one really knows, but some scientists think that rats might want to stay and die where they are. If this thought makes you feel a bit sad, then read on to learn more about the topic! While it might…

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  • Do Rats and Mice Like Music

    Do Rats and Mice Like Music?

    Do you like listening to music? What about your pet rat or mouse? We often assume that animals enjoy music just because we do. But the truth is, there’s no scientific evidence for this. In the past, we’ve all been told that animals don’t like music as it doesn’t have any survival value. But recent…

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  • Can Sweet Potato Kill Rats

    Can Sweet Potato Kill Rats? Is It Poisonous?

    Have you ever wondered if sweet potato really kills rats? What’s your take on this controversial question? Well, in this article, we hope to find out whether or not sweet potato kills rats. Does Sweet Potato Really Kill Rats? Sweet potato is a popular staple in many households around the world. As such, it can…

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  • Does Borax Kill Rats?Does Boric Acid Kill Rats?

    Does Boric Acid Kill Rats And Mice?

    Does Boric Acid Kill Rats? Does Borax Kill Mice? To avoid a costly rodent infestation, pest control professionals must understand the dangers of borax, a common household cleaner. Boric acid is a powerful substance but can be harmful to humans, pets, and rodents. We’ll go over which products are safe for people and pets to…

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  • Can Rats And Mice Live Along

    Can Rats And Mice Live Along?

    Can Rats And Mice Live Along? Are rats and mice friends or foes? This article is going to answer this question and more. Rats and mice are not usually seen as good friends, but this article explores whether these two can live peaceably together in your home or business. If you want to know if…

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  • Do Pet Mice Stink How to Avoid Mouse Smell

    Do Pet Mice Stink? How to Avoid Mouse Smell?

    Wondering; Do Pet Mice Stink? Are there easy DIY ways to get rid of mouse and Rat Smell? This article will help you to avoid any unpleasant animal smells in your home, and also show you how to get rid of them if they do start to build up. Sometimes, the warning signs are right…

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  • Do Rats Have Bladders

    Do Rats Have Bladders? Can Rats Hold Their Pee?

    Is there a rat in your house? And do rats have bladders? They are often blamed for spreading disease and smallpox, but what about their need to pee? The rat is a bi-pedaled rodent with a long furry tail that lives in the sewers. Rats have these things called bladders and they both drink water,…

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  • Pet Rat Types, Breeds, Colors and More

    Pet Rat Types, Breeds, Colors and More

    Pet Rats Types are often misunderstood, but there are a lot of facts about them that you might not know. This blog will teach you about the types of rats out there and what to look for when deciding to get one for your family. The Albino Rat The Albino Rat is the rarest type…

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  • Rat Teeth Everything You Need To Know

    Rat Teeth: Everything You Need To Know in 2023

    There are many different types of teeth. They can be found in the head, mouth, and even down the throat! Learn more about rat teeth with this article, including what they do and why they’re important. Problem: Do Rats Have Teeth? Rats don’t have teeth; they have what is called “molars.” These root-like pieces of…

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  • Why Rats Make The Best Pets

    Why Rats Make The Best Pets? 20 Amazing Reasons

    Rats are sometimes seen as the most feared animal due to their association with sewers and disease. However, that is far from the truth! Rats make amazing pets if you know how to take care of them properly. I’ve compiled a shortlist of 10 reasons why rats make great pets below, so read on if…

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