Pet Rat Types, Breeds, Colors and More

Pet Rat Types, Breeds, Colors and More

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Pet Rats Types are often misunderstood, but there are a lot of facts about them that you might not know. This blog will teach you about the types of rats out there and what to look for when deciding to get one for your family.

The Albino Rat

The Albino Rat is the rarest type of rat. This white rat is often used in laboratories to study coat colors and genetics.

If you are an Albino Rat owner, your rat will likely have a variety of genetic mutations that may include excessive hair growth, brittle bones, seizures, and deafness. You might want to consider getting your rat a friend.

The Golden Agouti Rat.

The Golden Agouti is a rare color of the Agouti rat, which is itself a rare breed of the rat. It is not a common color for pet owners but it may become more popular as the popularity of the agouti rat continues to increase. The fur pattern on the golden agouti rat looks like that of a skunk, with cream-colored fur and black tips that

The Brown Rat

Brown rats are commonly found in North America and Europe. They are known for being carriers of diseases such as bubonic plague, typhus, leptospirosis, and salmonella. Brown rats are also known for their damaging effects on crops and their ability to destroy entire farms.

The brown rat is the most common rat in the world, and it has been found on every continent except Antarctica. They are usually between 10 and 14 inches long with thick fur that keeps them warm.

They are also nocturnal animals, which means they sleep during the day and are awake at night. Brown rats prefer to live near water for easy access to food and transportation.

The Dusky Rat

The Dusky Rat is the most common type of rat in North America. They have a brownish-gray coat, and a long tail, and are often found in urban areas such as New York City.

These rats can be identified by their long, thin tail with a blackish-brown tip, and large ears that point forward. The Dusky Rat is about 8 inches long from nose to tail and has very coarse fur.

Dusky rats are a type of rat that is found in Asia and Australia, as well as parts of Africa. They are typically called the “forest rat” and live in trees, underground burrows, and piles of leaves.

Their fur can vary from dark brown to grey-brown with a white underside. They are sometimes used in laboratory experiments to study the spread of diseases.

The Gray Dumbo Rat

The Gray Dumbo Rat lives in North America and is known for carrying diseases such as Typhus.

They are also known to chew on wires and make nests in the walls.

The King Rat

The king rat is a type of rat that lives in the desert. It has a lifespan of two years and a body length of five inches. It spends most of its time near rocky cliffs, where it eats plants and small insects.

Of the seven types of rats, the King Rat is not just the largest, but it’s also the smartest and most cunning. These rats have strong forearms and a long tail with a black tip.

They are typically found in areas where there are food sources such as homes and commercial buildings.

These rats will climb along wires or pipes to get around obstacles since they only have one hind paw that is as good as our two hands.

The Ragdoll Tattooed Hairless White Rodent

The Ragdoll Tattooed Hairless White Rodent is an albino rat that has white hair and skin which is devoid of fur.

It has a docile temperament and can be easily tamed with a gentle touch. These rats are very friendly, intelligent, and affectionate.

They make wonderful pets and they are very easy to care for. They do require a cage that has plenty of room for them to play and explore, as well as a solid floor to keep them from accidentally gnawing through the wires.

They will not do well in an aquarium-type home. The Teddy Bear Albino Hairless White Rodent is an albino rat that has white hair and skin which is devoid of fur.

The Different Rat Breeds in North America

There are many different rat breeds in North America, and each has its own unique personality and temperament. If you’re looking to add a new rat to your household and want to know which breed is the best for you, read on for a guide to the most popular North American rat breeds.

The American White Rat (Rattus norvegicus) is one of the most common rat breeds in North America. They’re friendly and sociable, making them great indoor rats. They have a lifespan of around six years and can weigh up to three pounds.

The Brown Rat (Rattus rattus) is another common rat breed in North America. They’re considered pests because they can spread diseases, but many people still keep them as pets because of their friendly nature. They have a lifespan of around two years and can weigh up to six pounds.

The Black Rat (Rattus rattus) is the most notorious of the rat breeds in North America. They’re known for being aggressive and destructive, and should only be kept by experienced rat owners who are prepared to handle any problems that may arise. They have a lifespan of around one year and can weigh up to four pounds.

Norway Rat or Brown Rat

Norway rats are one of the most popular rat breeds in the United States. They originate from Norway and have a brown coat color. These rats make great pets because they are playful, social, and very comfortable around people. They are also relatively easy to care for and typically live 10-12 years.

The Ship Rats (Black Rat or Roof Rar)

If you’re like most people, you probably think of rats as pesky little creatures that live in the sewers. But there’s a whole other side to these animals, one that’s pretty interesting and even beautiful.

The ship rats, also known as black rats or roof rats, are one of these species. They’re unique because they live exclusively on ships, which means that they have to be able to swim and climb well. As a result, their bodies are adapted for both land and water.

Of course, being a rat on a ship doesn’t mean that they have it easy. These animals are constantly moving and dealing with different smells and environments.

However, their adaptability makes them some of the best rat breeders out there. If you’re interested in getting a rat of your own, check out some of the best options for shipping rats below!

Wood Rat or Pack Rat

The woodrat, also known as the packrat, is a common rodent found across North America. These rodents are small, measuring only an inch and a half long and weighing only 2-3 ounces.

They have soft fur that is brown on the back, gray on the sides, and white on the stomach.

The woodrat is omnivorous, meaning that it eats both plants and animals. It occupies many different habitats, including urban areas, forests, and agricultural fields.

Marsh or Rice Rat

The Marsh or Rice Rat is a type of rat that lives in areas with marshy or rice-like habitats. These rats are the smallest of all North American rat breeds, and they have a characteristic long, narrow nose.

They are also relatively inactive, preferring to hide during the day and forage at night.

The Rice Rat is the most common variety of Marsh Rat, but there are also several other varieties, including the California Marsh Rat, Eastern Marsh Rat, and Swamp Rat.

Exotic Rat Types

The most popular types of rats are Norway, the Syrian, and the Jersey Bat. These are often bought online or at pet stores. The Norwegian rat is small to moderate in size and has a black body and brownish-gray belly with a long tail that can measure up to 12 inches.

It eats all kinds of food, but it prefers grains. The Syrian rat is a large rat that can reach up to 16 inches in length. This rat has no markings on its body and is usually kept as a pet because it does not reproduce well in captivity.

The Jersey Bat rat is a small type of rat, about six inches in length with short ears and a pointed snout. They have dark brown fur with strikingly white paws and faces along with some white fur on their bellies. These rats eat mostly seeds, but they will also eat other plants as well as insects to supplement their diet.

Fancy Rat Types

The Fancy Rat is a hybrid of the Black and White Rats. The rat has a variety of colors including white, black, and brown.

They are bred for their appearance rather than their ability to be used in lab experiments. Despite the rare birth, they are sold as pets all over the country because of their temperament and intelligence.

Dwarf Rat Types

The most common type of rat is a dwarf rat. They get up to about 7 inches long and weigh 2-3 ounces. They are also the loudest species of rats, making around 100 noises per hour on average.

This includes squeaks, grunts, and hisses. Their fur is dark gray or black with white or yellowish highlights. The average lifespan is around 1-3 years.

Rats can be distinguished from mice by their size; rats are bigger than mice and have longer, more pointed faces.

A rat’s front teeth never stop growing, so they keep wearing the incisors down by gnawing on wood, plastic, or other materials.

Rats have also been known to chew through wooden doors and walls in houses where there is grain stored in the basement. The long-tailed field mouse looks similar to a rat

The Difference Between Rats And Mice

Rats and mice are often used as a catch-all word for small rodents. They both have long tails, pointy noses, and whiskers.

However, a rat is larger than a mouse and can be distinguished by the presence of even rows of cusps on its teeth that curl outwards. Rats usually live in warmer climates or cities because they can’t tolerate cold weather well.

So, which type of rat do you want to adopt?

Norway Rat
Syrian Hamster
Black-tailed Prairie Dog
Brown Rat
Rattus Norvegicus
Flying Squirrel
Mesocricetus auratus
Chinese Water Deer Shrew
Prairie Dog, Black-Tailed
Hispid cotton rat: Sigmodon hispidus


The author provides a list of the 7 most popular types of rats. The conclusion is that hopefully, this blog post has been able to answer some questions about rats for readers.

The best way to control a rat population is by using traps. Rats are attracted to the smell of food so bait traps with peanut butter and bacon work well.

Rats are also susceptible to poisons, but these substances can be costly and dangerous to humans if not used properly. Rat bait stations work even better than poison because they kill rodents on contact.

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