Can Rats Eat Dog Food ? – ANSWER IS HERE!

Can Rats Eat Dog Food ?

Yes, dogs can have dog food.  A lot of dog food brands are better for rats and mice than cheap lab blocks or seed mixes marketed uniquely for rats.

The primary key is to pick a brand that is low in protein (less than 20% for adult rats, less than 25% for juvenile rats).

A diet or dog food too high in protein can cause your rats to develop skin issues – sometimes making them so itchy that they’ll scratch until they become open sores. Plus, we recommend picking a brand that has fat content below 15% but over 10%.

Personally, I feed my boys Natures Balance Vegetarian formula because a good dog is not fully nutritionally balanced for mice, mouse, and rats, it’s crucial to supplement their diet.

For my female rats, I feed them a cup of dog-food in the morning, and then give them a mixture of dried cereals, vegetables and fresh fruits plus table scraps before I peck them kisses.

Since many dog food brands tend to be lack loads of vitamin K – I believe it’s a good idea to feed them food that has loads of vitamin K. Food like vitamin-enriched cereals and leafy green veggies will work fine.

Note: Avoid feeding table scraps that have too much salty foods or fats.

Do Rats eat Dog Food?

Yes, it is safe to feed rats dog food – and in most cases a diet of canine food and supplemental “treats” is far better to cheaply made rodent mixes (especially Kaytee brand rat blocks).

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Can Rats eat Dog Food?

Most dog foods are typically too high in protein for eats. But, you can feed dog foods with 8% fat and under, 18% protein.

Most “weight Management” or ‘Senior’ formulas have lower protein. Look for quality ingredients that do not contain soy or corn at all and seem ok.

Can Rats Eat Dog Food

Do Mice eat Dog Food?

Yes, mice can be fed a high quality dog food as part of a balanced diet.

My best friend uses Wellness Super5Mix Senior (weight management is also good) and others she feeds her mice are Innova, Blue Buffalo, Solid Gold, and some other one that Whole Foods sells.

Can Rats Have Dog Food?

Mouse, Mice and rats will do well on cat or food. One time, I fed several mice and rats with Purina Cat Chow as their main ration.

No need to worry about the pieces being large as mice and rats can easily gnaw off bite sized pieces of dry kibble.

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Can My Rat eat Canned Dog or Cat Food?

Canned cat or dog food is not advised to be used as a primary ration, but little amounts with other foods will cause no harm and is a good supplement for pregnant animals.



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