Midwest Critter Nation Rat Cage Review (with Stand)

Critter Nation Rat Cage Review

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The Midwest Critter Nation cage for sale solves one problem – Where will my pet rat live?

Choosing a safe yet secure and fun enclosure for rats can be daunting as there are so many choices out there.

To give your rat the best possible quality of life, you need to provide them with the best possible environment to live in.

When provided with a mentally stimulating environment like a Critter Nation cage, pet rats can lead happy, healthy lives (and far outlive their wild counterparts) when given the proper attention and care from their owners.

Before going after the best cage for pet rats, ensure your ladies and gents are well-fed and adequately socialized. However, it would help if you also gave your rat a mentally stimulating neighborhood where they can both be active and comfortable.

The secret to finding the appropriate cage for your rat that speaks – long quality, affordable and fun!

Today, we’re doing a Critter Nation Rat Cage review so that you can be well-informed as you begin to search for the perfect cage.

Midwest Critter Nation Rat Cage Review (with Stand)

This rat cage is 62.5 inches tall, 36 inches long, and 25 inches wide, with four levels for your rats or rat to explore. The pen is sold for less than $250, with free shipping, and is available in the UK and US.


Features of the Midwest Critter Nation with Stand

  • Rat-friendly environment

This rat cage How To Reduce and Deodorize Rat Cage Odor? [2022 Tips]is well designed with four “levels” for your rat to live in – two complete and two partial levels. The levels are all connected by ramps, each of which is covered so that your pet rat won’t hurt their feet or slip while running up and down.

The cage sides contain horizontal bars set ½ inch apart so that your rat can climb the sides of the cage at will. This gives your rodent even more free space to satisfy his curiosity without you needing to worry about your pet’s security and safety.

The levels are adjustable to some degree, providing you the opportunity to modify the cage for your rat’s preferences and personality.

For extra customization, the Critter Nation rat cage for sale is designed to easily accommodate more features – such as add-on play spaces or hammocks. Critter Nation sells these features separately, which can be easily incorporated into this cage so that your critter’s habitat needs are entirely met.

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  • Accessibility

The Critter Nation’s cage for pets double doors is comprehensive, providing you easy access to the cage. With doors this wide, you can reach in and scoop out your rat, making it more straightforward for you to socialize with your pet and become friends.

You can also easily reach the furthest corners of this cage without breaking a sweat, so cleaning and maintaining your rat’s home is a breeze. In addition, each level has a removable plastic tray, so you can easily clean the whole cage and provide your rat with the cleanest possible environment.

Because the doors are wide, they boast double locks, so you can never worry about pets escaping the cage while you’re away.

Critter Nation Rat Cage Review

What Are Other Purchasers Saying?

Around 85% of people have bought and used it. This cage gave it positive reviews, and only 15% gave it negative reviews.

The positives

The wide doors are a favorite of many as this made access easy and even more straightforward, especially when trying to remove pans from the cage.

Humans also appreciated the cage’s sheer size, which offers lots of room for rats to run around, even if you have more than one rat. In addition, the adjustability of the cage shelves allows for customization, and people love that they could add hammocks and extra ledges for their pets to use.

Plus, the purchasers attested that the cage lasts for quite a long time, which is essential when buying such a large (and costly) cage. It makes your rats feel stress-free as they move from one cage to the next.

The negatives

Among the positive reviews, purchasers consistently noted that the cage — though it lasts for a while — is poorly manufactured and hard to assemble.

One reviewer commented that even once assembled; the cage had sags or gaps in some areas. However, these defects were primarily cosmetic and did not allow the rats to escape, indicating a poor manufacturing or design process.

Some buyers reported that they couldn’t successfully assemble the cage because it was either damaged in shipping or poorly manufactured.


  • A large, multi-level cage gives rats
  • Lots of spaces for your pet rat to run
  • Double doors allow for easy cleaning and access
  • The Cage shelves can be adjusted
  • The cage is designed to accommodate added features such as hammocks easily


  • The cage is hard to assemble
  • There is a chance that the cage pieces may not fit exactly as described.
  • On the pricier end, at about $250 per cage (with free shipping)


Before we end this Critter Nation Rat age review, we’d like to remind you that this cage can provide your pet rat, mouse, and mice with a fantastic place to run, play and explore.

Its adjustable shelves are easily adjusted and suitable for add-on features so that you can customize the cage to meet your rat’s preferences.

The horizontal bars offer an additional area for your rat to climb, and the covered ramps make the Critter Nation Cage UK safe for your pet to run and play around.

The large double doors allow you to easily reach and access all parts of the cage, making cleaning a breeze.

Despite the door width, the cage comes with double latches, so you need not worry about your pet escaping.

But, some people experienced difficulty assembling the cage, and at times it arrived damaged from shipping. Even when made, the cage may have gaps where the pieces don’t completely fit together, although these gaps rarely pose any risk of escape or danger.

For $250, you can get this cage. But, is it too much for you? Perhaps, you should look into getting a second-hand Critter Nation rat cage for sale on eBay if you’d love your rats to have a space of their own to explore.


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