Why Pet Rats Bury Food – What You Should Know

  • Brit
  • October 1, 2020

Pet rats often bury their food in their bedding or somewhere inside their nesting materials. Rats bury their food when they feel like they need to secure it in a safer location than where you put it.

Why Pet Rats Bury Food

I feed my pet rats Harlan Teklad and I recently started my new rat diet where I do not give them a handful of lab blocks but just six. As soon as I put the rat food in there, they often start moving it into their house which is just a Lixit Igloo.

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This behavior is called “stashing” and it’s instinctive for rats to hoard food to save for later. Rats frequently leaves food in their stashing spot and return for more food.

Why Pet Rats Bury Food

If you want to find where rats loses their food, check any protected areas such as a nestbox, a hidden passage, dark corners, or in the pocket of hammocks.

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There is usually no danger in rats stashing their food. The only time a problem arises is when they stash wet food and the food spoils before you clean it out.

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