Weaning Baby Rats – When to?

When should we start weaning baby rats? What steps should we take to weaning baby rat and getting them started on lab blocks?

I start weaning baby rats at about 3-4 weeks. You don’t want to wean rats from their mother completely because they will still need to get vital nutrition from her but you should start introducing lab blocks to them gradually.

Majority of the time, you want to start weaning by feed soft foods to baby rats. Their teeth will probably not be sharp enough to really get into a lab block so you should soften the blocks into a paste.

Weaning Baby Rats

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Weaning Baby Rats

Take some lab blocks and soak them in water to create a mushy paste. Put this in a little container and leave it in their cage for them to eat. You should do this with Harlan Teklad 2018 since it has extra protein.

This formula of lab blocks will be okay until 6 months of age. During this period, they should still be having their mother’s milk. Weaning baby rats is a very gradual process.

Other foods you can introduce during weaning are foods such as oatmeal or baby food. There should be no extra ingredients added such as sugars and such.

You can also try making your own by using a blender and using Ensure and blending various fruits/vegetables together. See list of safe foods for rats.

Start out with just a little bit a day. You don’t want to substitute mother’s milk with mushy food.

Mother’s milk contains some vital nutrition that just isn’t like anything else.

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