Can Rats Eat Avocado, Pits, Skin? – FIND OUT!

  • Brit
  • September 27, 2022

Rats are not picky eaters and will eat any fruit, vegetables, or tissue flesh they find in the wild. This is so because they aren’t sure where their next meal might come from.

Do rats eat avocados? Well, yes, they do. In addition, rats consume lots of fruit to spice their diet up, especially in the summer, because it helps calm and refresh their bodies.

In the wild, rats climb trees to get to Avocados.

Can Rats Eat Avocados?

Sure thing! Rats can eat avocados. Mice, and rats in the wild devour lots of fruits, and avocados are only one of them, and guess what? – They love it.

When we had avocado trees, we had to take extra precautions to protect them from wild rats’ wrath. But unfortunately, rats can climb trees swiftly too.

Having a fruit tree (like an avocado) will attract rats to your yard and might be responsible for seeing rats in your garden during the day, too.

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Can Rats eat Avocado Pits?

Pet rats should never be fed avocado skin, or the pit of Avocado rats should never eat this, too, as it is dangerous.

Typically, rats will know this and likely eat a small amount of skin to get to the fruit’s flesh. However, their instinct tells them to avoid eating the pits.

Why A Rat Would Eat An Avocado

Chances are – one rat stumbles upon an Avocado in your yard and then proceeds to inform his pack about the find.

You’re most likely to encounter a rat invasion if you have a tree in your home. This is because rats are good tree climbers, as are squirrels. Either of these two rodents will have no trouble munching the avocados on your tree.

The worst part is, now they know it is there, they will always come back for more – each time, not alone.

Rats will consume fruit whenever it is ripe, but they eat the most in hotter periods. It makes sense since the fruit is most likely ripe during that time, but it is also because mouse/rat/mice will need lots of liquid refreshment.

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Fruits and veggies provide an excellent opportunity for rats to get some fluids in.

If you have seen a rat in your garden or yard, it could be because you have an avocado tree in it!

Can Rats eat Avocado

Will Rats eat Avocado – What’s In It For The Rat?

For beginners, avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Although consuming too many Avocados will place the rat into tricky situations in the wild, it does help thicken the rat’s hair, which is crucial to keeping them warm during winter.

Too much Avocado makes a rat fat! Fat rats cannot run as quickly as a lean, mean rat machine. If it meets a predator (a cat or dog, for instance), it will have less chance of escape.

We know cats eat rats, so a fat rat will be a lovely meal if caught!


Do rats eat avocados? Yes, they do

Can rats eat avocado pits? No, they shouldn’t

As earlier stated, the flesh of an avocado is fair game for a rat, but the pit is harmful… and if they consume too much of the skin, it is also detrimental. Rats often chew through the skin only to get to the fleshy goodness of the Avocado.

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