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Do Rats Eat Dried Mealworms?

As a pet lover, feeding the correct food to your rat is important for maintaining good health. Rats need vegetable and animal protein source in their diet. Their meals should be firerous texture for help with dental wear.

Do Rats eat Dried Mealworms?

Yes, rats can eat dried worms. Dried mealworms can be fed as treats but they are super fatty to give in large amounts. They should only be fed to your pet mice in considerable amounts.

Plus, they are not as nutritious as fresh/live mealworms.

Feed only dried mealworms that are additive free.

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Do Rats eat Fresh Mealworms?

Since they are cold blooded, we recommend chilling them in the fridge to make them unconscious followed by freezing them before feeding them to your pet mice.

The best humane practice is freezing until they’re dead (say 15 minutes max), refrigerating them until they reach stasis and then immediately putting them in the pan.

Do Rats Eat Dried Mealworms

Can Pet Rats eat Dried Mealworms?

Yes! My pet rats absolutely love it!

Before I feed worms to my rats, I ensure they have a good solid week of happiness. I feed them varieties of fresh food daily and provide plenty oatmeal mixture for them to dig and crawl in. Like my friend would often say “a happy bug is a healthy bug” and I don’t see the point in feeding them to rats if they don’t eat healthy.

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If you plan on buying meal worms, then you need to get them from a good place. Some breeders have a bad habit of not keeping them in proper conditions and it really affects the meal worms. They appear skinny and weak. A healthy mealworm is fat, puts up a fight when picked up and has a sandy-yellow color.

You’d be amazed to find out that they’re quite strong for their size.

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