Savic Royal Suite 95 Review – A Perfect Double Rat Cage?

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The Savic royal suite 95 cage comes with step-by-step instructions for assembling the cage and set up is simple too.

This is a good product, with a hardware nickel. Cleaning the cage is extremely facilitated by the large openings.

A good investment no doubt and then there are the trays spare parts when your troop consumes a bit too much.

Features at a Glance

  • Comes with a manual and assembling is simple
  • Shipping is fast and the tracking of the package is notified at each stage.
  • Spacious cage with excellent quality.
  • Long-lasting and easy to clean.


Savic Royal Suite 95 Review


This cage is spacious and extremely easy to maintain with its washable removable platforms. There are edges all around the cage that avoid dirt on the ground.

Robust and elegant at the same time and low grid under the cage that can store all the litter, games, food, and dodos. Separate spaces food, litter, games, and bed, in short, a real Disney for pet rats.

The cage features a full-size shallow plastic pan for the floor of each unit. The pan for the upper unit has a notched corner that lines up with the opening to the lower unit.

You can either choose to take the lower level floor plan (without the notch) and use it in the upper level to fully cover the floor or you can rotate that upper pan 180 degrees to cover the opening in the grate then use a tile or something to cover the notch in the pan.

With this, the safety of your pet rat is highly considered. It’s built-in scatter guards prevent tails and toes from hanging out of the cage enough to keep them from being nibbled by mischief makers below.

It comes with plastic trays, and initially, I was stressed that they would be too flexible. However, once placed inside the cage, I noticed it is fine. Being plastic, I noticed my rats weren’t bothered the slightest, so I used pellets instead of fabric to cover them.

The high sides in the picture are basically part of the metal framework and therefore not built with plastic (they remain in place when you open the doors, too).

Now, this does mean that pellets can lodge between the tray and frame, but I have never seen one fall all the way through. The smaller trays are produced from the same plastic as the larger ones and have special holes cut out to hang the ladders.

The trays are easily attached to the framework and I am looking forward to getting two more attachments, ladders, and trays.

The large-sized doors situated on the front of the cage make accessing every area of the cage super easy on cleaning day. It’s so simple to get large items like wheels and litter boxes in and out. The plastic pans lift without stress out through these giant doors to make cleaning the levels really simple.

The only con to the full-sized doors is that the whole front of the cage cannot be used to attach hammocks so they must be affixed only to the back, sides, and tops. This problem is a minor one.

The attachments for the small trays appear to have been designed so that you can hang stuff beneath them. The shelf under the cage is very useful and fits all my rat equipment. The bars are once again quite widely spaced, so anything small has to be put in/on something larger.

The plastic pans are extremely shallow and almost cannot hold a loose substrate. The default scatter guards will help keep in coarser substrates like shredded cardboard but finer loose substrates may fall through the cracks. The shelves lack a scatter guard so many of the loose substrates won’t work at all on the small levels.

Many people recommend using fleece liners in these sorts of cages. I heard that most Savic Royal Suite second-hand comes with fleece.

Paper pellet litters like Back 2 Nature are quite heavy so there’s a lesser chance they’d get kicked out of the shallow pans. In the US, we have other options for deeper DIY or custom pans. I don’t know what UK folk do if they want deeper pans.

They’re very heavy cages and, it does come with wheels (two of which even have brakes), but the wheels have a little ridge in the middle.

The Royal Suite is not easy to take apart since they’re assembled with screws. Plus, it is made up of a bunch of hollow metal tubes and has a bazillion tiny little connection points (a common feature in all Savic Royal Suite cages).

If these cages are ever hosed down, moisture can get trapped in the cage without stress and lead to rust over time.

You’re pretty stuck with cleaning the cage where you sit.

In the end, these are pretty fantastic cages and I believe you will be satisfied to consolidate your current cage situation.


  • The cage is surprisingly easy to put together and is very sturdy.
  • Savic royal suite 95 instructions manual are easy to follow
  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Accommodates accessories and toys for pet rats


The spaces between the cage and the trays allow the litter shavings of my rats to pass.

It lacks tube-like in the picture and no food bowls but having a Jenny cage I used the ones out of that.

Savic Royal Suite 95 Review Conclusion

Last but not least, this is clearly quite a pricey item but is a whole lot cheaper than the critter nation equivalent.

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