Good treats for mice and pet rats ensures your rodent remains healthy while being spoilt.

Feeding treats to rodents on occasions is no problem as far as you confirm its suitability to the mice, mouse or rat.

For starter pet owners who would love to train their rodent, we recommend mouse treats for training. If at any point you’re not sure of whether a particular food is safe for your little fur friend, get the expert advice of a veterinarian beforehand. Some common mouse favourite feeds include fruits.

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List of Good Treats for Mice

An example of good treat is plain peanut butter and millet seeds! Mine lose their minds over them. I purchase fresh ground peanut butter from whole foods because it doesn’t have any additional oil or salt, simply roasted peanuts. And millet sprays are sold at majority of pet stores as bird treats.

  • Fresh Produce

In the mouths of rodents, fresh produce are tasty and suitable treats for pet mice, mouse and rat. Keep portions of vegetables and fruits small — think 1/4 tablespoon or so.

Unusual big portions can result in diarrhea and tummy woes. Slice the produce up into tiny, mouse-friendly bites. Some examples of the diverse veggies and fruits that are safe for mice consumption are pear, bananas, celery, broccoli, parsley, tomatoes, peas, melons, berries, carrots, cucumbers, avocados and apples.

Note: When giving treats to mice, ensure you feed moderately. Only feed your pet these things twice or thrice per week. If your mouse fails to consume any of his veggies or fruits within a couple of minutes, take them out of his cage. Never allow him to eat old or spoilt food.

  • Food Made for People

Nutritious foods made for people also can make suitable occasional mouse treats. Plain poultry like chicken or turkey comes with health benefits for mice, as long as it’s free of any additional seasoning.

The same also applies to tuna. Miniscule portions of plain pasta, baked potatoes, cereal, whole grain bread and brown rice can also be suitable. When you offer your mouse pasta, give him no more than a single piece, for example.

Only Feed your mouse these things once in a while, no more than a couple times a week or so.

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  • Dietary Staples

While mice do love fresh fruits and veggies as treats, it’s crucial to focus on their dietary staples, too – commercial formulas that are suited ONLY to their needs.

Avoid using food made for guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils or any other critters as a substitute as nutritional content in these differ.

Commercial mice food comes as blocks and pellets, both of which are needed for meeting their dietaey needs. If you’re unsure of which food to pick for your mouse, seek the help of a veterinarian. A vet can suggest some commercial food that meets your pet’s dietary needs.

Clean water is also of major importance to mice. Fresh water must be accessible to your mouse around the clock.

Good Treats for Mice

  • Exercise Caution

Some food mean’t for humans can prove harmful to mouse, so be careful, Some of the foods that are hazardous to them include: candy, cabbage, raw potatoes, rhubarb, chocolate, peanuts, corn and onions.

What Foods are Toxic to Mice?

Some food mean’t for humans can prove harmful to mouse, so be careful, Some of the foods that are hazardous to them include: candy, cabbage, raw potatoes, rhubarb, chocolate, peanuts, corn and onions.

Unhealthy snack foods made for people are also a no-no. Only allow your mouse to eat treats that you are certain are 100 percent safe.

What Mice can Eat List

Here is a list of food mice can safely consume:

  • Pecans (I give them this every day)
  • Unsweetened cheerios (nearly every day)
  • Spinach (once a week)
  • Small pieces of unsalted rice cakes, unbeatable popularity on training days.
  • Quinoa pops too
  • sweet cherries and blueberries.
  • Walnuts are great too in moderate amounts.
  • Oatmeal is best treat I have found.
  • Freeze dried mealworms (twice a week)
  • Blueberries (once a week)

Mouse Treats for Training

Here are some mouse favorite feed for training:

  • Offer a bite of your banana.
  • Pinch a chunk from your apple core. That is, give a piece of actual apple (without the seeds) as apple seeds are toxic to mice.
  • Trimmings like watermelon seeds/rind, broccoli stalks, carrot ends, etc…
  • Share a grain or two of steamed rice, an inch of clean spaghetti noodle…
  • Never feed sauces or spices.
  • Lastly, mice and rats LOVE insects!!! Never offer wild insects… stick to pet store feeders like mealworms and crickets to avoid parasites!

Now, you know a complete list of good treats for mice, mouse and rats, encourage us by sharing these posts with your loved ones.

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