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Do Rats eat Snails and Slugs

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Did you find tons of snail shells in your garden?

Are holes punched into the side and the snail’s body is missing? Do these holes appear to be caused by some teeth?

Or did you catch a critter running off with a snail in its mouth and wondering – Can rats eat snails?

Find out below!

Do Rats eat snails and Slugs?

Yes! Rats do eat snails. One evident sign of house or garden rats eating snails is snail shells piled up around your home and you’ll find shells in their nest.

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Do Mice eat Snails?

Absolutely! Asides rats, mice, raccoons, and occasional skunk, etc. love to consume the flesh of snails.

Typically, rats eat almost everything including veggies, fruit, snails, insects, you name it. They are opportunistic and scavengers in nature.

Do Rats eat Snails and Slugs

Do rats eat Garden Snails?

Yes! Garden snails or not, rats will eat it if it looks edible to them. Rats will chew almost everything, dead, although in times of scarcity of food, they are known to eat living, even human, tissue.

Do rats eat snail Pellets?

I caught a rat happily eating snail pellets, which I know are made from a food type product that attracts rats, but not snails.

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Do rats eat slug Pellets?

Yes, they can and they will if it tastes nice.

Do rats eat snails in the UK?

Snails (especially garden snails) form a good amount of a rats diet. House and garden rats will eat pretty much anything in their part in the UK. Sometime ago, I’ve seen rats living/burrowing in my cousin’s open compost heap and I’ve seen a good amount of broken shells when digging the compost out so I suspect rats in the UK also love escargots.

Do Rats eat snails in Australia?

Absolutely! Australian rats enjoy escargots too. Humans in Australia and French countries eat escargot as a delicacy. So, why wouldn’t the mice and rat that lives with them love them too?

Do Rats eat Snail Pellets?

Yes, they can. As far as it appeals to them, wild rats will eat snail pellets.

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