Do Rats Eat Acorns, Squash? & How to Control Them

Do Rats Eat Acorns and Squash

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Yes, rats eat acorns, as do mice and other rodents.

As each year passes, more Americans continually move to the southern side of the state. The warm sunny days, beautiful trees, green spaces, and outdoor patio restaurants present multiple options for residents to enjoy spending time exploring different parts of these cities.

You love the picture. Exactly! These things that make urban areas appealing to you make them a perfect habitat for local rat populations.

Today we shall answer the common question: Can rats eat acorns? and discuss what rats we are most likely to see and how to keep mice away from your home.

Do Rats eat Acorns?


Acorns are a popular food source for many animals, including rats. While rats eat just about anything, they enjoy acorns particularly.

This is likely because acorns are high in fat and protein, two nutrients that rats need to survive. In addition, acorns are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals.

Rat populations often boom during acorn seasons, as the availability of this food source allows them to reproduce more successfully.

However, while rats may enjoy eating acorns, this does not necessarily mean they suit them. Acorns contain tannins, which can be toxic to rats in large quantities.

As a result, rats that consume too many acorns may become ill or even die. For this reason, rat owners need to provide their pets with a balanced diet that includes other sources of nutrients in addition to acorns.


Other foods that Rat eat


Mice or rats love greenbelt areas with much water, seeds, lush vegetation, and nearby food sources. They consume fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, lizards, worms, and various bug species, including cockroaches and spiders.

Without all these food sources, they’ll opt for paper, candle wax, or even paper. Rats and mice’s most visited areas include one with lots of pecan trees.

They also have a unique taste for acorns from live oak trees. So, mice and rats eat acorns – field and deer mice included.

Roof rats feed off your green spaces, homes, gardens, and pet foods during summer. Rats do not live outside; they love to live in houses. But, they can locate openings (or create one) in your home’s roof, including areas in the soffits and fascia, and nest in your walls or attic.

Holes the size of a quarter are no issue to a roof rat; once inside, your home attic offers protection and a comfortable place for them to mate and reproduce, increasing the numbers rapidly within a small amount of time.

They’re social animals and tend to stay together to protect each other and travel in families, and they can have as many as 60 babies in one year. That means it’s highly likely that many more will follow once a rat finds his way into your home.

Are Rats Driving You Nuts?

Contact us today, and we’d connect you to pest control experts who can come to your home and find solutions [humane and environmentally-friendly] to your rat problem.

So, do rats eat acorns – the answer is yes! They do!

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