Why Brown Rats Thrive in Urban Areas

  • MickAdmin
  • February 20, 2023

Brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) are one of the world’s most populous rodent species. They are found in nearly every urban area and have become an integral part of city life. So why do brown rats thrive in urban areas? Let’s explore why these rodents are so well-suited to this environment.


Why do brown rats thrive in urban areas?


Urban areas provide the ideal environment for brown rats to thrive and increase.

Primarily, they are attracted by the abundance of food variety: brown rats are omnivorous scavengers that can survive on virtually anything.

In addition, cities offer them shelter, safety from predators, and fewer extreme temperatures compared to rural environments.

Brown rats also possess an incredible reproductive capacity; one female might produce up to 800 individuals in a year, further contributing to their population growth in urban areas.

Moreover, due to their small size, intelligence level, and physical features—which enable them to access even the tiniest places—brown rats find themselves quite successful at utilizing every possible space provided by cities.




One of the primary reasons why brown rats are so successful is their adaptability.

These rodents can survive in various environments, from sewers and drains to attics and basements.

They can even survive extreme temperatures that would be fatal to other animals. This means that they can often find a suitable place to live in cities, even if no natural habitats are available.


Omnivorous Diet


Another reason brown rats thrive in urban areas is that they have an omnivorous diet. This means they can feed on almost anything – from pet food left out for cats and dogs to scraps thrown away by humans.

As long as there is a food source available, brown rats will find it and use it for survival.



Urban Noises

Finally, another factor contributing to the success of brown rats is their ability to adjust to loud urban noises like traffic or construction sounds.

While other animals may find these noises too loud or disruptive, brown rats have adapted over time and evolved to ignore them entirely – allowing them to stay safe while still thriving in populated areas like cities and townships.




Brown rats are incredibly adaptable creatures that can survive in almost any environment – including urban ones. Their omnivorous diet allows them to feed on a wide variety of foods. At the same time, their ability to adjust to loud noises makes them perfect for living alongside humans in bustling cities and townships.

A brown rat might be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a pet rat. With its adaptability and resilience, it’s sure to make a great companion for many years.

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