Taming a Brown Rat: Is It Possible?

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  • February 23, 2023

Brown rats, also known as Norway rats, can make excellent pets when properly socialized and tamed. But can you tame a brown rat? The answer is yes! While it’s often more challenging to domesticate wild animals than those bred in captivity, it is possible to tame most brown rats. With patience and perseverance, you can create a loving bond with your pet rat that will last for years.


Can you tame a brown rat?


Taming a brown rat may not be the most conventional pet, but it is more achievable than many think.

The key to taming a brown rat successfully is to ensure that they receive enough socialization.

This should start when the rat is young for best results and involve as much positive interaction with people as possible.

It helps if the handler has an experienced grasp of rodent behavior; knowing what signs indicate that your rat is scared or aggressive can help you adapt your techniques accordingly.

An essential part of taming any pet is patience – it can take months before your rat has been fully domesticated, so take it one step at a time and always focus on positive reinforcement.


Identifying Brown Rats vs. Domesticated Rats


While similar in size, brown and domesticated rats differ drastically in physical characteristics and behavior. Brown rats are commonly found together with humans but often escape from urban areas to adjacent fields.

These wild rodents typically weigh up to 11 oz and have a gray coat of shabby browns, blacks, greys, and whites.

Distinguishable from common domesticated rats by their large ears and more extended facial features, brown rats also possess shorter fur that is usually coarser.

Contrastingly, domesticated rats are bred from pet store variety lines which substantially differ from their wild counterparts.

Although the same species as the brown rat — Rattus norvegicus — these animals typically have short silky fur or longer semi-plush hair.

Domesticated varieties of Rattus norvegicus are bred to be relatively tame, and most display minimal fear when handled by humans.


Socializing A Brown Rat


Brown rats are highly social animals, so they must be housed in groups and given lots of interactions with humans.

The best way to socialize a brown rat is to handle them often and provide positive reinforcement when they have done something right.

If possible, introduce the rat to other familiar animals or people in controlled environments.

Giving treats during training and handling can help your rat feel more comfortable and willing to accept new experiences.

Additionally, providing ample stimulation within the cage, such as chew toys, hamster balls, exercise wheels, and access to other brown rats, can help create a happy and social environment for our little friends.

Once you’re sure your rat isn’t wild, the next step is socializing it to become comfortable around humans.

Start by talking to your rat in an encouraging tone of voice and giving it treats when it responds positively to your presence.

It’s important to note that some rats may be more skittish than others; if yours seems especially fearful, take things slow until it builds trust.

You should also be gentle when handling your pet—if it startles easily or seems uncomfortable being held, don’t force the issue, as this could cause further distress.


Proper Care for Taming a Brown Rat


When it comes to taming a brown rat, there are some steps you want to follow to ensure its health and well-being.

First, handle your pet groundlessly, improving your trust in your rodent companion. Additionally, provide a clean environment – give your rat toys, hammocks, and chew items.

Also, make sure the cage size suits the number of rats you have living together. Rats need exercise, plenty of water, and fresh food; try stimulating their curiosity with treats like dried bananas or cooked pasta pieces that you can leave around their cage.

With consistent and gentle handling, your brown rat will soon become an affectionate pet.

It’s essential to properly care for your rat if you want it to become comfortable around humans and other animals. This means providing plenty of space for playtime and access to fresh food and water daily.

Keep its cage clean; rats are notorious for getting into messy situations.

By taking these steps and providing ample love and attention, you’ll soon find yourself with a lovable pet who loves cuddling up in your lap just as much as they love running around its cage.




Taming a brown rat may seem impossible initially, but anything is possible with patience and proper care! With enough time spent socializing with your pet and providing them with love and affection, you will soon have an adorable companion who loves spending time with you just as much as they love exploring their environment.

So don’t give up hope –you never know what kind of incredible bond you might form with your furry friend.

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