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Can Rats Eat Yogurt Treats? [Vanilla, Plain, Gerber]

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Yes, rats can eat yogurt safely. However, you should avoid feeding too much yogurt to your pet rats, because they’re quite sensitive to diary and lactose products.

When sick, I give my girls yogurt if they need to take some medicine (don’t mix it with doxycycline, but other meds are usually fine with it). Otherwise, it’s a rare treat, and even then, you shouldn’t feed more than a tiny bit (e.g. fingertip amount) at a time.

Can Rats eat yogurt?

Yes, rats can consume low-fat yogurt in moderation. But, it is important to offer a balanced diet that caters to your rat’s dietary needs and helps to prevent obesity.

While rats like diary and cheese products, it is important they consume it on occasions.  In this article, you will learn about how much yogurt you can feed your pet mice and other dairy products that can be supplemented.

Can Rats eat Plain Yogurt?

Yes, they can. In fact, plain full fat Greek yogurt is much lower in milk sugars than low fat versions, less artificial sweeteners and preservatives so for a training aid/treat it works quite well.

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Can Rats eat Yogurt Drops?

Yes, they can but only as treats in moderate amounts. To make yogurt drops, place some plain Greek yogurt in a bowl and add some homemade strawberry jam.

Can Rats eat Greek Yogurt?

I believe this is the best yogurt for rats out there.  Greek Yogurt could always be used as a base and add some honey and crushed berries!

Can rats eat Yogurt covered raisins?

They’re fine when fed in moderate amounts. But, they are extremely high in sugar. Dehydrated fruits in general are. I wouldn’t recommend making it a regular treat.

Sunflower seeds and plain cheerios are my pet rats most loved treat.

Can Rats eat Yogurt Treats

Can rats eat Gerber Yogurt Melts?

Personally, I would not feed Gerber yogurt melts to rats. Sugar is clearly stated as the second ingredient, and then followed by a sugary fruit as #3. That’s a lot of sugar in one product!

It definitely is not a healthy choice though

Can rats eat Vanilla Yogurt

Yes! It is lactose free, low sugar yogurt with fresh fruit mixed in.

Can Rats eat Coconut Yogurt?

Yes! It’s a favorite amongst mine!

Is Yogurt Okay for Rats?

Like all treats, we recommend feeding in moderation and yes! It is okay to feed yogurt to rats. We tend to believe rats devour anything that they come in contact with. While this may be true for undomesticated rats, it is not the case for pet rats.

Obesity is harmful to rats, mice and other rodents, so their food quality should be monitored closely. Opt for yogurt with low-fat option when thinking of feeding yogurt to mice and rattus rattus.

When you’re unsure about the type or amount of yogurt to feed your rat, you can also buy yogurt bites that will provide the same nutritional value with a safe amount of fat.

Here are some excellent options that you can pick from:

  • eCOTRITION Yogies
  • Kaytee Yogurt Chips

These are not yogurt in the traditional sense, but they will likely be much safer and convenient option to feed your rat.

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