Can Rats have Seizures and What to Do? 5 Easy Fixes!

  • Brit
  • February 19, 2022

Rats get head tilts when they have strokes or they have a ear infection seizures happen with the stroke which causes brain damage but sometimes they can get better.

Can Rats have Seizures and How You would Help

Rats get seizures when there old or if they get into poisons,whn rats have seizures there heads tilt.

I have two newborns, and the male has short seizures, but very frequent seizures. My vet said that it is not unheard of but that he really had little experience with it. He said it could be low blood sugar and to give him sugar water and then if that doesnt work, I am to assume that it is a defect in the brain, like fluid, or…?!

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Now, i have bred rats for nearly ten years, and I am stumped. I have never had a rat with this problem before. Any advice? And i know that he is having seizures, not just the tilts.

Can Rats have Seizures

His whole body just looses it for about ten-20 seconds, then he stops for like five-ten seconds and then it starts again. He is at the age where he will be explotring soon, so i will watch and compare the developmental progress of each, and see how that goes, but nay advice or opinions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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