Rat Bleeding from Nose and Mouth – Cause and FIX!

  • Brit
  • February 19, 2022

Question: We have just bought our little “Rattie” and she also has a little bit of, what looks like blood around the right nostril. Should we be concerned.

He has ample room in his cage, and he comes out at least once a day. It seems like it started after we went on vacation and left him with a friend of the family. In the mornings he bangs on the top of his cage for food…could this be the cause?

Rat Bleeding from Nose and Mouth – Cause and FIX!

If hes banging his nose often and doing it hard theres a good chance thats why his nose is bleeding,specialy if there is nothing else wrong with him…….try taking him to the vet if you can im sure he can help.

Rat Bleeding from Nose and Mouth

It could be blood or it could be porphyrin which looks like blood, I had the same problem with one of my little ones recently seems he bumped his nose:-(

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Is he having any other problems??.they normaly get porphyrin discharge thru stress,does he get out of his cage much?? is his cage big enuff for him?..let me know if there is anymore problems and we can try and work it out 🙂

Good luck

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