Does Cedar Repel Mice or Not? FIND OUT

  • Brit
  • September 22, 2022

No, mice will eat all kinds of wood including cedar.

The most effective way to keep mice, rat and mouse out is to block all holes and opening they’d most likely gain access through.

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Does Cedar Repel Mice?

Mice can squeeze through holes that are larger than one-quarter inch. They will chew through wood, including plank and cedar.

Barriers should be built with heavy materials such as concrete mortar, heavy guage hardware cloth, and sheet metal. Mice are unbothered about chemical scent repellants or strong smelling essential oils such as cedar or mint.

Does Cedar Repel Mice

Habitat Choices

Mice love to have food closeby. They don’t like to travel far to get food. If there aren’t food sources nearby their nest, they’d most likely move closer to food sources. They will settle near places such as pet food dishes.

Mice enjoy and love seeds and will gladly consume veggies and fruits, so your garden can and will attract them too. Mice can be gotten rid of either through relocation, poisoned bait (not recommended as other animals can feed on the corpse and die in the process) or traps.

Their most loved plants can be kept safe by simply surrounding them with strong wire mesh.


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