Free Range Rat Ideas – 5 Tips!

Free Range Rat Ideas

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There are some people that don’t have a cage for their rat. They just let them run about their house or sometimes just a room.

I know people like that but whether or not I would do that with my rats is another story.

However, rats love free ranging.

5 Tips on Free Range Rat

  1. All rats will need time out of their cage despite how big their cage is. Here are some rat-proofing ideas that can help you protect your belongings as well as keep your rat safe!
  2. Close off any space that you don’t want your rats to be going into. I usually keep my bedroom closed off as it’s the one in few places I don’t want any pets in.
  3. Tuck away any electrical cords. You can use a plastic hose to cover them up so they won’t chew throw the cords and get electric shock.
  4. If there are too many things that your rat should not get into, consider building or buying a playpen. Here’s a playpen type that I use when socializing new rats.
  5. Check the list of toxic houseplants and put those in a closed off room so your rats don’t have access.

Free Range Rat

Always keep an eye on where your rats are. They are guaranteed to get into something you will not want them to. It helps to train your rat to come when you call him so you don’t have to look too hard for him.

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