How Big Do Rats Get? in Texas, UK, Australia, NYC… LEARN MORE

  • Brit
  • September 22, 2022

How Big Do Rats Get?

The average life span of rats is 2–3 years; mice 1–2 years. The average body length of adult rats is 9–11 inches; mice 3–4 inches; with an average tail length of 7–9 inches in rats and 3–4 inches in mice. The average body weight for rats is 350–450 grams for a female, 450–650 grams for a male; mice 30 grams each sex. There have been a few adult male rats that weighed 2 pounds!

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How Big Do Rats Get

I want to weigh my rats now. I’m pretty sure my boys are in the lower 600′s range. Last Saturday, I took him to an adoption fair with me and I got comments that Splinter is “HUGE”. I will be truthful and say he might be a little over weight.

He has tummy rolls when he’s sitting down and grooming himself. I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of junk food I give him and give him some more time to run around and get some exercise. 🙂

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