How To Target Train Pet Rats

How To Target Train Pet Rats

I didn’t know about target training until I was doing some research on how to train a puppy. Then I saw a video of someone’s rabbit doing the same thing. And naturally, I saw a video of someone doing this with their rat.

Things You Will Need

  • a stick (or you can also use your fingers)

How To Target Train Pet Rats

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The goal of target training

  • Your rat needs to touch the target (finger, stick, etc.) when you hold it out.
  • This should eventually lead to them following the target.

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Target Training Process

  • To start, establish your target.
  • Hold your target out so that they can see it but it’s not right in front of them. When their nose touches the target, you should give them a treat.
  • When your rats are used to touching the target, try having them follow the target. Start out with small distances (like an inch or two and then moving further).

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