The “Is My Rat Eating?” Check-Up

  • Brit
  • October 1, 2020

I do not know how many times I’ve encountered questions regarding rat and eating. Some people will say “I feed them but they’re losing weight…” or “I feed them everything else because they don’t like their lab blocks…”

Is My Rat Eating

Rats will eat lab blocks if they’re a) hungry and b) not ill. There’s no two ways about it in my mind. They’re rats. However.

However! If you are feeding them other things half the day and giving them treats and spoiling them like ALL rat owners do, then of course they won’t eat.

Why, you should ask? Because they’re NOT hungry.

And you say, “But really, my rat doesn’t eat their blocks even after several days of nothing else.”

is my rat eating

Okay. Do this. Weigh your rats on a gram scale. Do that everyday for 3-4 days. Are they losing weight? If so, that’s a key sign that something is wrong and you should contact your veterinarian.

If they don’t lose weight, they probably are eating SOMETHING.

It could be a hidden stash. It could be that they’re nibbling on a bit of a lab block but not eating the whole thing.

If your rat is in the situation where it’s not eating AND losing weight, contact your veterinarian immediately as a rat can go from perfectly healthy to on the edge of life in a heartbeat.

Be sure to give them favorable foods in the meantime which they will eat because it’s so delicious to them.

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