Is Nutella Safe to Eat for Rats, Mouse & Rodents?

Can Rats eat Nutella

Nutella is quite sticky, so I am a bit concerned about them choking on it. However, if watered down, Nutella would be safe for rats or mice to eat as treats, but isn’t healthy and its high in fat and sugar content.

If not completely necessary, I would recommend providing your pet with a better treat.

Note: If you do decide to feed your mice or rat Nutella, then it should ONLY be in moderation. Nuts are all protein and Nutella is sugar and proteins. Neither of which rats/mice should have too much of if it can be avoided. A bit here or here, less than every couple of days should be fine.

Is Nutella Safe to eat for Rats?

Yes! In fact, in the UK, Nutella is Hazelnuts, cocoa, and skimmed milk. It’s not completely unhealthy as you’d think and is a great source of slow release energy.

Is Nutella Safe to Eat for Rats

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Can Rats eat Nutella?

Funny enough, I watched in awe last night as my pet rat “shags” licked the spoon in delight! I wouldn’t say it’s the healthiest treat out there, but if you’re simply allowing them lick the spoon or knife you used to spread it I’d say it’s harmless enough.

Pro Tip: It’s great for mixing with meds too! It will be gone in no time at all!

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