Is Hot Glue Toxic to Rats, Mice & Guinea Pigs? [2022 Review]

Is Hot Glue Toxic to Rats, Mice & Guinea Pigs

Rats will typically avoid something that is toxic to them. They have an amazing sense of smell, and have a notorious reputation for being hard to poison for that reason.

They may chew through almost everything, but they won’t ingest it. I wouldn’t worry about hot glue but about toxins that can enter their skin (like bleached newspaper) than I would about them eating something they shouldn’t.

So, are you wondering if there were certain glue ingredients/glues that should never be used for homemade accessories/toys? Read on to learn more.

Is Hot Glue Toxic to Rats?

Hot glue has not been proven to be toxic to rats, but I would not advise using excess glue. They could most likely not digest that much glue if it ever got into their system and that could cause compaction of the digestive tract. However, if small quantities ever got in their mouth, they’d be fine.

If you have experience with a sewing machine, you could create soft hides from cotton fleece material you can get dirt cheap at stores like Walmart. My last hammocks for my pet rats were made from that by my friend, Gina.

For chew toys, I would avoid using thread or glues, just a hard wood chew log you can get at pet stores, or find a piece of apple wood branch to chew on.

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Is Hot Glue Toxic to Mice, Guinea Pigs?

Mice are hardy little fellas. Personally, I recommend you avoid most products you wouldn’t feel comfortable with a child using, or that doesn’t bear “non-toxic” on them.

Products like silicon, Krazy glue, industrial bonding agents should be avoided. However, I wouldn’t see any harm in using a non-toxic fabric glue for a hammock or something close to that.

Generally, rats would avoid most things that don’t “smell” right.

A safe Natural Glue Option for Rats

In this section, I’d be sharing an alternative to hot glue for rats. In fact, this alternative is safe to eat since rats love to munch a lot.

Two ingredients are needed – Water and flour!

For mild consistency glue (card and paper projects), it one-part water with two parts flour. Mix until it’s smooth and you’re ready to use. If you need a thicker consistency to use for stronger projects, use less water and more flour. Mix combo together until it becomes a thick paste, then heat it up in a pan and use it while it’s still hot.

Yes, flour glue is really useful, and fine, it does take sometime to dry and it may not be the best option for really complicated projects. For those, a hot glue gun that says “non-toxic” can be used in small amounts.

This is must. An. Absolute. Must. But, you should watch for signs of chewing in the glue area and remove if necessary.

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Are Popsicle Sticks Safe For Rats?

Yeah! Popsicle sticks are safe for rats, and pet mice.

My pet rats and mice love these cute club houses and jungle gyms I crafted for them with a hot glue gun and popsicle sticks! It keeps them climbing while exercising their teeth since the hot glue doesn’t affect them at all!

It’s also a good money saver since I do not go and purchase new toys when they get bored. You can make them new ones once every couple of weeks to prevent them from getting bored.

Is Hot Glue Toxic to Rats

Is Elmers Glue Safe For Mice?

Yes, I used to make my pet mice little play structures with white Elmer’s glue and popsicle sticks, but it was quite messy and unstable.

Perhaps, I would try again in the future.

Is Super Glue Safe For Rats?

Have you checked super glue package? Does it say “Non-toxic”? If so, then yeah, you can use.

Are School Glue Safe for Rats?

School glue and non-toxic hot glue are safe for rats and mice.

Note: Never use tape. Not one of those things are safe.

So, in your experience, is hot glue toxic to rats, mice, guinea pigs or not?

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