Can Rats Hop, Jump or Run? LEARN MORE

Can Rats Hop

In the wild, rats will live in burrows up to 3 meters deep but when the first frosts sets in and food becomes scarce, they can be forced to leave their residence and seek a warmer, better nesting site.

If you see rats or mice nesting by and there is an entry point to your premises or home, there is a real threat from a rodent invasion. Wild rats often carry disease, can spread it, damage property and contaminate animal feed and human food.

Rats coming from the wild can introduce disease carrying parasites like ticks, lice and fleas.

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Can Rats Hop?

Brown rats can jump vertically more than 120cm and 77cm horizontally while black rats are better climbers can climb any slightly roughed surface down or up.

Can Rats Hop

3 Amazing Facts about Rats

A rat trapped and released can move up to 4 miles from the release point.

A rat burrow can be 3 meters deep but is hardly ever deeper than 0.5 meters.

Brown rats show a tendency to prefer to move downwards as opposed to upwards.

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