Are Cane Rats Dangerous to My Garden, Humans?

Are Cane Rats Dangerous

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The Cane rat is a large specie of rat mainly from West Africa where it is viewed both as pest, food source and as a farm animal.

Are Cane Rats Dangerous?

Cane rats are dangerous to crops only. They can eat grass in gardens, corn, cassava, plants, and sometimes fruits and bark of trees.

What Do Cane Rats Eat?

Cane rat diet is mostly made up of grass, other plants, and sometimes fruits and bark.

These large rats will also consume crops and can become serious pests in parts of the world where sugarcane, cassava, corn (maize), eggplant, and pineapples are cultivated.

What do Cane Rats look Like?

Cane rats appear like cat-sized, short-haired guinea pig.

Are Cane Rats Nocturnal?

Though primarily nocturnal, they are occasionally active during the day.

Are Cane Rats Dangerous

How to Get rid of Cane rats in Your Garden Without Poison Or Traps

Use peppermint: Rats dislike the odor of peppermint oil, so it’s quite effective

Catnip: Get some catnip from a garden centre and plant it in multiple spots around your garden

Keep a clean environment: Ensure your garden is clean all the time

Get rid of water and food sources for rodents: This is quite explanatory

Net your soil

Seal off gaps and cracks they can come in through

What Does Cane Rat Taste Like? Is it Edible?

Cane rats meat is lean, sweet and succulent and low in cholesterol.

Do Chinese Restaurants Serve Rats?

There have been rumors of Chinese restaurant serving diced rat meat in the United States. Although there had been no prove, this is still believable since Chinese have a custom of cutting vegetables and meat into bite-size pieces. This makes it hard to discern ingredients.

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