How to Travel with a Rat? Checklists In 2023

  • Brit
  • January 15, 2023

Sometimes, I take my rat, Splinter, out with me when I go to animal-related events or stores.

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How to Travel with a Rat

How to Travel with a Rat

Theoretically I could take him to more places but I’m always afraid of being a health code violation if say, I wanted to eat at a restaurant. I don’t really know the rules on that sort of thing.

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But here’s a list on things to consider bringing.

– A roomy bag. Doesn’t have to be a purse (men!). Just find maybe a Trader Joe’s bag for instance. You just want to provide some hiding spot for your rat when he’s tired of riding on your shoulder. I personally prefer something I can zip halfway.

– If you didn’t pick up on this, shoulder training is pretty much necessary. It’s not particularly hard to shoulder train in my experience. It’ll just take some practice for some rats to learn that jumping off isn’t in their best interest.

– Food. Hence also the bag. You don’t want your rat to starve if you’re going on a long outing. If you’re going to be eating relatively healthy, you don’t need to bring too much food. But just consider that he may get hungry.

– Bottled water. You can feed water via pouring it into the cap or dipping your finger and letting him lick it off.

– Tissue. Sole purpose is to wipe up poop.

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