Can Rats eat Bananas [Skin, Peel, Chips, Bread & More] Safe?

  • Brit
  • September 22, 2022

Do you picture your pet eat eating bananas?

Well, what if we told you that it is possible for rats to eat banana? Would you believe us?

Bananas contain minerals and vitamins that are great for your pet rat, but you should only feed in moderation.

Below, we answer all of your banana related questions.

Can Rats Eat Bananas?

Rats are omnivore and enjoy snacking on bananas. So, yes, rats can and will eat bananas when offered.

Health Benefits of Bananas to Rats

Aside the fact that rats love bananas, they the fruit is also full of healthy nutrients needed for your rat to grow to its potential.

Some of the health benefits of feeding bananas to your rat include but not limited to:

They supply your rattie with Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of diseases like scurvy that attacks the rat’s connective tissue. The magnesium adds better functioning to the muscles, the heart, immune system, and the nervous system.

Rich in Potassium

Potassium helps your rat with digestion and muscular digestion.


Magnesium helps the muscles better function. It also aids the immune system and heart too.

Like any other treats, you should only feed in moderation.

Can Rats eat Bananas

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Can Rats Have Banana Peppers?

Your rats can have peppers as far as they aren’t too hot/spicy. You should try it out first.

Can Rats eat Banana Chips?

Yes, they can. However, I wouldn’t recommend feeding as dried fruit like banana chips pose a choking hazard to your pet rat.

Can Rats eat Banana Skin?

Banana skin are safe for rats to eat. However, the pesticides that might be on them aren’t. So, if you want to feed them the skin, you should wash them first.

Personally, I give my girls a bit of banana peels and they love it!

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Can Rats eat Banana Peels?

Sure thing! The vitamins in the banana peel is many! The skin contains lots of goodness.

Before you feed them, you should know that banana peel is super hard to digest and there’s a high chance it will cause blockages in your pet rat’s digestive system.

Rats are rugged animals no doubt, but even them will struggle to completely digest a stringy banana skin, of which about 20% is starch.

Did your rat banana peel and you’re worried? Don’t be! They’d most likely do fine. However, do not let it repeat itselfin the future.

Will Wild Rats Eat Banana Skins?

Like pet rats, wild rats will eat bananas too.

Can Rats eat Green Bananas

Green bananas are simply bananas that aren’t ripe yet.

They’re hard on the digestive system since they contain high volume of starch.

Your pet rat certain could, and would, consume a green banana and they might not show any signs of discomfort.

However, the more frequent they eat it, the harder it will be on their little stomach, so we suggest avoiding green bananas anyway.

There’s no need to be upset though, once picked bananas ripen in a matter of days. You can speed up the process by keeping them inside nylon and tying them up. The warmth generated within the bag speeds up the process.

Can Rats eat Banana Bread?

Only as treats and it should be feed in small quantities.

Lastly, because fruits are super concentrated in sugar, you should never overfeed them to your pet rats. Overfeeding them will cause your rat to become obese.

We recommend feeding twice or three times a week and your pet should be fine.

You can give them mashed up banana or slice them up so they can chew better and faster. Mixing bananas with other healthy fruits will make for a good treat for your pet rat.


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