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  • August 30, 2022

Recommended Rat Bedding Options

I use Fleece for bedding, which gets washed with the laundry once a week. Fleece is also nice because you don’t have to continuously buy more (cuts down on monthly cost), however some people have found that fleece can hold in smells even after washing (washing with vinegar rather than detergent can help this).

Don’t ever use cedar, pine, spruce, fir, hemlock or any other type of softwood wood-chip as bedding, as the aromatic phenols found in these can be very dangerous to your rats’ sensitive respiratory systems, resulting in serious vet bills or death.

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Remember, you want the package to say NO Aromatic oils, not ‘fewer in’ as even a tiny amount can be dangerous!

Some people like Aspen or Carefresh, but other paper based bedding such as Yesterday’s News can also be used (the Yesterday’s News found in the small animal section at pet stores is the exact same item as the unscented Yesterday’s News in the cat section). Clay based, corn based, or any scented litter can be dangerous to rats.

Rat Bedding Options

Top Toys for Rats

Many cat toys or ferret toys will work for rats. Nylabones made for dogs will also work (check for the edible labell). Be careful with rawhide bones as pieces can splinter off and get compacted in your rats’ bellies.

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Toys like baby keys are also a good option for rats.

Many things can be found around the house such as toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, soda boxes, old socks or towels, aluminum foil balls, etc. Be creative, just be cautious about chemicals that future toys may have come into contact with 🙂

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