Can Rats Eat Celery [Leaves]? – FIND OUT

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  • February 19, 2022

Rats are smart and have overtime been able to identify foods that are fine for them. They can safely consume most of what you already eat, but in small quantities.

Now, there exist some restrictions for your pet rat, as well as a couple of foods that need to be fed with caution. But the question is: Can domestic rats eat celery or is it forbidden for rats to eat?

Can Rats Eat Celery or Not?

Rats are allowed to eat celery cautiously. A lot of rat owners do not even feed their rats celery because of its poor nutritional value. So, celery is not harmful for your pet but not as healthy as other fruits and veggies like strawberries and blueberries.

Rich in nitrates, celery will fuse with amines and become carcinogenic. Other foods high in nitrates include: collards, radishes, cucumbers, turnip greens, spinach, beets, lettuce, eggplant etc.

You should NEVER feed your pet rat these foods on a daily basis but only as occasional treats.

Because they are omnivores, rats will happily eat whatever food they can find. However, as a caretaker, you should be responsible by making a list of foods rats can eat and those that are dangerous.

In the same manner, keep it away from any spoiled foods. Although, only some types of mold can kill your rat, you can never tell which spoiled food contains which.

Rid the enclosure of any leftovers from its cage and also block access to your trash can.

Can Domestic Rats eat Celery?

Yes, domestic rats can eat celery but it should never be substituted for their main diet.

Why is that? Because celery contains plenty water and lacks much nutritional value for pet rats and therefore is not great for a healthy life.

Can Rats eat Celery

Can Dwarf Rats eat Celery?

Dwarf rats will eat almost anything but in small amounts. Celery and carrots are safe for them to eat too.

Can Rats Eat Carrots and Celery

Yes, rats can eat carrots and celery as treats. They can be diced, cut into bit-sizes and fed to your domestic rat.

Carrots can make up for some nutrients celery lacks and vice versa.

Can Rats eat Celery Leaves?

Do rats eat celery leaves?

Yes! Rats are able to eat celery and it’s leaves but you should be cautious while feeding it. You should wash the leaves before feeding and should NEVER feed TOO MUCH.

The primary thing to note about celery is that it lacks lots of nutritional content and so is not the most useful fruit to a healthy rat diet.

Plus, it is also not harmful to their diet as well.

But, a lot of rat pet owners avoid feeding this veggie because it doesn’t contain much nutrients and doesn’t do much to their health.

One con of celery is that it has nitrates that aren’t great for a rats diet. Nitrates are present in foods like collards, cucumbers, lettuce, eggplant, radishes, and eggplant.

Since these foods have a high concentration of nitrates, it is ideal to just give celery as an occasional treat to your rat instead of a staple in their diet.



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