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  • How Long Does Baytril Take to Work in rats

    How Long Does Baytril Take to Work in Rats?

    If you have a rat that is sick, you may be wondering how long it will take for Baytril to work. This is a common question; the answer depends on the individual rat and the illness. In this blog post, we will discuss how long it typically takes Baytril to work in rats and some…

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  • Best Rat Cages for 2 Rats

    Savic Royal Suite 95 Review – A Perfect Double Rat Cage?

    Looking for Savic Royal Suite reviews to read online before making that purchase? You’re in the right place! The Savic royal suite 95 cage comes with step-by-step instructions for assembling the cage and set up is simple too. This is a good product, with a hardware nickel. Cleaning the cage is extremely facilitated by the…

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  • Do Rats Eat Dried Mealworms?

    Do Rats Eat Dried Mealworms? The Surprising Answer

    Dried mealworms are a popular food choice for many different animals, from birds to reptiles to fish. But do rats eat dried mealworms? The answer is yes – rats love dried mealworms! And there are a few reasons why they make a great food choice for rats. Let’s take a look at some of those…

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  • rats mites home remedy

    Mites on Rats Home Remedy – Safe & Works Wonders!

    Mites and lice on pet rats are hard to get rid of. Even harder when you lack the appropriate tool or medications. Both mites and lice can become immune to medicinal or chemical treatments, requiring a change in the formula when drug-resistant specimens are present on furred rats. A mice and lice infestation breakout in…

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  • Rat Tumor Removal Cost

    Rat Tumor Removal Cost?+ 3 HOME REMEDY FIX!

    Rat tumor removal costs depend on the Vet attending to your pet. Since every Vet charges a different price, you’ll need to ask them. Mammary tumors in rats are a common phenomenon in domesticated rats. When my favorite rat grew a large lump under her chin that we were sure was cancerous. After much thought…

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    Good treats for mice and pet rats ensures your rodent remains healthy while being spoilt. Feeding treats to rodents on occasion is no problem as far as you confirm its suitability for the mice, mice, or rats. We recommend mouse treats for training for starter pet owners who would love to train their rodents. If…

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  • Do Rats Eat Tomatoes?

    Do Rats Eat Tomatoes? The Surprising Answer

    Rats are fascinating creatures that are often misunderstood. While they have a reputation for being dirty and destructive, they can be pretty clean and tidy. Moreover, they are very intelligent and can be trained to perform a variety of tricks. Another thing that people often don’t realize about rats is that they are strict vegetarians.…

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  • African Soft Fur Rats Care Sheet

    African Soft Fur Rats Care Sheet – Do they Make Good Pets?

    Multimammate mice, also known as African Soft Rats or Natal rats, are small, rat-like rodents from SA (South Africa). As their name suggests, these cute rodents have extra-soft fur as compared to most other rodent species. Today, we share with you, the African soft fur rats’ care sheet! But let’s learn a bit about their…

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  • why do rats play dead

    Can/Do Rats Play Dead? For How Long? – Find Out!

    In the wild, the predators of rats are many, including large birds, such as owls, crows, eagles, snakes, and cats. These are similar predators of the related opossum, famous for slumping over and “playing dead” to discourage any larger animal from killing and eating them. So, do rats play dead? Yes! “Playing dead,” also known…

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  • Do Rats eat Snails and Slugs

    Do Rats Eat Snails and Slugs in UK & Australia? – Learn More

    Did you find tons of snail shells in your garden? Are holes punched into the side and the snail’s body is missing? Do these holes appear to be caused by some teeth? Or did you catch a critter running off with a snail in its mouth and wondering – Can rats eat snails? Find out…

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  • Can Rats Eat Yogurt Treats? [Vanilla, Plain, Gerber]

    Can Rats Eat Yogurt Treats? [Vanilla, Plain, Gerber] – Learn More

    Yes, rats can eat yogurt safely. However, you should avoid feeding too much yogurt to your pet rats, because they’re quite sensitive to diary and lactose products. When sick, I give my girls yogurt if they need to take some medicine (don’t mix it with doxycycline, but other meds are usually fine with it). Otherwise,…

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  • Sneezing Rats Home Remedies - Cure & Prevention!

    Sneezing Rats Home Remedies – Cure & Prevention!

    A Rat Rattle, Wheeze, Sneeze, Cough? Is your rat sneezing but acting normal, or is your baby rat sneezing a lot? That’s an infection! But wait… Please do not be scared, as we’d show you how to fix it! Generally, sneezing in pet rats can be a sure sign of respiratory disease and is one…

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