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  • Rat Aggression Toward Other Rats

    Rat Aggression Toward Other Rats/Humans – A Dominant Behavior/Abnormal?

    Rat Aggression Toward Other Rats If they are from the same litter, or have already been introduced from the place of purchase/adoption, you shouldn’t have any problems with fighting amongst rats. Sometimes males will go through testosterone driven ‘phases’ at several months of age, though this rarely turns out to be a problem, and generally…

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  • How to Socialize a Rat

    How to Socialize a Rat/Mice – BEGINNER’S GUIDE

    If you are introducing a new rat to old rats, please follow proper quarantine and introduction procedures. Most rats can be introduced without any problem, so long as you do a proper intro. How to Socialize a Rat/Mice If you just toss your rats in together, you could very easily end up with a severely…

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  • How Many Rats Should I Get

    How Many Rats Should I Get? 2,3 or More?

    It used to be common to keep only one rat as a pet, but this was before more information was known on exactly how social rats are. In this case, quantity most definitely has an effect on quality of rats, and it is essential that you have at least two rats. ALSO SEE: Can Rats…

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  • Can Rats eat Nutella

    Is Nutella Safe to Eat for Rats, Mouse & Rodents?

    Do you have a rat as a pet and wonder if Nutella is safe to give as a snack? Then, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss whether or not Nutella is suitable for rats and provide some tips on how to feed it them. Keep reading for more…

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  • Is Hot Glue Toxic to Rats, Mice & Guinea Pigs?

    There’s been a lot of debate lately about the toxicity of hot glue. Some say it’s harmful to rats, while others claim it’s perfectly safe. So, what’s the truth? Is hot glue toxic to rats?   Is Hot Glue Toxic to Rats?   Hot glue is a common material used in many arts and crafts…

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  • Dehydrated Yogurt Drops Recipe

    Yummy Dehydrated Yogurt Drops Recipe for Rats

    I read one time that yogurt can be dehydrated into bite-size snacks for pet rats. I was curious as how this would work with my pet ratties yogurt, Greek Yogurt. I had my friend try them and they came out looking and tasting yummy! They taste just like yogurt, except in a portable, bite-snack. My…

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  • Can Rats and Mice Live Together

    Can Rats and Mice Live Together? – LEARN MORE

    In my experience, rat and mice cannot live together. Mice are omnivores and will catch, kill and eat things small enough they find. Rats are also omnivores and will catch, kill and eat things small enough to see. Mice will snack on baby rats if given the opportunity and vice versa. Likewise, rats will consume…

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  • Can Rats eat Cat Food

    Can Rats eat Cat Food as a Treat? – FIND OUT!

    However, cat food is not an appropriate diet for rats/mice as the protein content in these foods is way too high. In addition, the typical healthy ratio of protein to carb to fat varies greatly in rats and cats. Rats are omnivores, and cats are carnivores, so the contents of cat food would not provide…

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  • 5 Best Dog Food for Rats

    5 Best Dog Food for Rats – No.3 Will Shock You

    Typically, dog food might not be appropriate for rats. However, some dog kibble is fine for nursing mothers and baby rats, as it aids baby growth and helps mom renew strength while nursing. I have also discovered that adults do great on light dog foods (for overweight or senior dogs). The best dog for rats…

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  • Can Rats Eat Dog Food ?

    Can Rats Eat Dog Food? The Answer Might Surprise You

    Rats are known for being scavengers and omnivores, meaning they will eat pretty much anything. This includes dog food. Rats may even prefer dog food to their regular diet of grains and other small animals. So while it is not generally recommended to feed your rat dog food, there are some circumstances in which it…

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  • Critter Nation Rat Cage Review

    Midwest Critter Nation Rat Cage Review (with Stand)

    The Midwest Critter Nation cage for sale solves one problem – Where will my pet rat live? Choosing a safe yet secure and fun enclosure for rats can be daunting as there are so many choices out there. To give your rat the best possible quality of life, you need to provide them with the…

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  • Can Rats Eat Avocado, Pits, Skin? – FIND OUT!

    Rats are not picky eaters and will eat any fruit, vegetables, or tissue flesh they find in the wild. This is so because they aren’t sure where their next meal might come from. Do rats eat avocados? Well, yes, they do. In addition, rats consume lots of fruit to spice their diet up, especially in…

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